Commercial Property Insurance Humble, TX

Commercial property insurance (or business insurance) is something all business owners in Humble, TX, should have. This type of insurance is designed to effectively protect your business when you need it most.

Insurance gives you peace of mind when a fire happens, lightning damages your property, a break-in occurs, or any number of other potentially catastrophic events happen. Business insurance also covers loss of records, computers, important documents, or equipment. Every second counts when disaster strikes and having the right coverage helps keep losses to a minimum.

What Is Commercial Property Insurance & Why Do I Need It?


Commercial property insurance covers your business property and equipment. You could rent or own a property for your business. However, having insurance protects the property from theft or unexpected property damage.

Commercial Property Insurance

Home-based businesses should also have an insurance plan in place. With a business plan, you receive more coverage than offered by homeowner’s insurance.

Other names for this insurance are:

  • Business personal property insurance
  • Commercial building insurance
  • Commercial real estate insurance
  • Non-residential building insurance

Not every building requires this insurance, but covering expensive property or equipment does. It does not matter what type of property you have. Commercial property insurance is always in the best interest of your business.

Items this insurance covers for your business could include computers, furniture, tools, and more. Small and large businesses alike all need commercial property insurance for maximum protection.

You never know when unexpected situations can happen. It is expensive to replace costly equipment, products, or overall physical assets when items are damaged or stolen. Business property insurance helps cover the replacement cost when difficult circumstances arise.

What Kind of Coverage Do I Need?

You can choose from multiple types of business property insurance based on your needs and assets. Recommended coverage for you depends on your business type and operations. Your ideal plan also hinges on your local climate and the natural disasters tending to affect your business and region.

Commercial insurance types may specifically cover:

  • Buildings/other structures
  • Computers
  • Hurricanes and other natural disasters
  • Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Glass products
  • Inventory
  • Outdoor walls and fences
  • Personal property
  • Property improvements
  • Records

In addition to the above-covered items, there are even more coverage types to consider:

  • Errors and omission insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Commercial umbrella insurance
  • Commercial food insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance (if your business has employees)

You may also want general liability insurance. This insurance protects you from other parties’ claims that your business or property has harmed them. Most insurance agents recommend general liability insurance no matter your type of business.

Deductible amounts for insurance depend on the state and your insurer. When you choose a policy, you and your insurance company agree on the amount after consultation. A lower commercial property insurance cost means you will have a higher deductible.

Customizing Property Insurance for Optimal Coverage

Since every business is different, coverage plans likewise vary. We recommend customizing your commercial property insurance to protect coverable assets and objects in the most efficient manner for your particular situation.

For instance, your company might reside in an area with frequent flooding or storms. So, you will want to take out a policy that protects against these acts of nature.

Not every business needs anything beyond their regular commercial property insurance plan. However, you should consider the unique coverage needs of your business and industry.

Some reasons for adding more coverage include:

  • Business Vehicles. Do you have a company car or van for your business? If so, you will need commercial auto insurance since commercial property insurance does not cover vehicles. This coverage protects your company car and ensures you obey your state’s laws.

Personal vehicles used for business (transporting goods, visiting clients, etc.) require a different kind of insurance: (HNOA) hired and non-owned auto insurance. This insurance covers leased vehicles, rented vehicles, and personal vehicles owned by you or your employees.

  • Mobile property. Transported goods need protection in case anything happens en route. Consider equipment floater insurance (also known as inland marine insurance) for this situation.
  • Natural disasters. In Humble, TX, you’ll want protection from floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
  • Business Income & Extra Expense Coverage. Provides coverage for lost income if you have a claim that the insurance covers. Its usually for a time period like 3 months or a fixed dollar amount like 100k.

In many cases, you will need proof of insurance, otherwise known as a certificate of insurance (COI). Your business proves its insurance coverage by having this document. You can quickly get a COI online.

Factors that determine your rates include your property value, location, limits of your coverage, potential risks, and the industry. You may also need liability insurance for business lawsuits.

You are liable for business repairs, product losses, and fixes if you have no coverage. Paying out of pocket quickly becomes expensive and stressful.

With Lee Insurance Agency, you can rest assured that your coverage is sound and protects you in times of need.

Commercial Property Insurance: Let Our Experts Guide You

Lee Insurance Agency is the most trusted insurance company in Humble, TX. We help you find a  commercial property insurance plan that meets your needs. Our agents can customize a plan that provides robust coverage for your business assets.

Our team will carefully evaluate your business and other elements that may apply to your commercial property insurance. From there, we propose a plan with optimal coverage.

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