Hurricane Season Insurance Coverage

The Hurricane Season Guide to Insurance in Humble, TX

The best way to prepare for hurricane season is to start now.

When a storm does hit, you’ll be too busy trying to get out of its way to worry about insurance or finding supplies. Setting up a plan of action and preparing while not under duress will help you make the right decisions.

When the state issues a Hurricane Watch, supplies in stores run out quickly. Prepare by building your emergency stash of water and non-perishable items now.

Create an evacuation plan. Where can you safely ride out the weather if the warning comes? What rally points will you and your family use, and what will you do about your pets and moveable possessions?

Assign tasks to each family member and ensure they fully understand the plan.

What to Expect from Hurricane Season in Texas

When a hurricane strikes, you can expect gale-force winds and lashing rain. A hurricane’s power can be devastating, lifting the roofs off of houses, uprooting trees, taking down power lines, and destroying cars.

When it comes to a powerful storm, the best thing to do is be prepared ahead of time and get out of its way ASAP. You don’t have to travel across the country, but ensure you leave the storm’s expected path. Before you go, waterproof as much as possible and cover your windows to protect them. Also, be sure to clean up loose debris in the yard that the wind could toss around, causing further damage.

The aftermath can be chaotic as people try to get supplies and rescue some of their belongings. There is a good chance that the electricity will be down for days to weeks, and it may be challenging to find food, medicine, or gas in the immediate vicinity.

As you begin to go through the processes of reclaiming your home, it’s time to start contacting your insurance company to discuss damages.

Home Insurance

Insurance is one of the most significant responsibilities you’ll want to take care of before hurricane season. That said, call your insurance agent or review your home insurance policy documents today.

It’s also wise to review your policies on an annual basis. You need to check:

  • How much your home’s structure coverage is, and if it is sufficient to rebuild your home if necessary. The cost of rebuilding will differ from your home’s market value, so review this amount from time to time.
  • That you have enough coverage to replace your possessions if the storm damages them.
  • That you have some provision for emergency living expenses due to storm damage. You may need to stay in a motel or rent a car during this time.
  • What exclusions apply. For example, standard policies exclude flood damage. Unexpected flooding can be a side effect of hurricanes.
  • If there is a hurricane or windstorm deductible that applies. This is typical in coastal states and usually consists of a percentage of the insured value rather than a flat amount. Check the wording carefully to understand how the insurer differentiates the two.
  • If you own a condo or co-op apartment, check the coverage of the building management company. You need to understand what damages your personal insurance will cover.

Flood Insurance

Don’t get caught without insurance on a technicality. Most standard homeowner’s and renter’s
insurance policies specifically exclude flood damage. Instead, you have to take out special flood insurance.

While you might think that the risk of flooding in Humble, TX, is low, it pays to err on the side of caution. Check to see if you live in a flood zone. If you do, flood insurance is crucial.

Water damage by itself can be pretty substantial. Moisture-soaked carpets and drywall are difficult to dry out. If you don’t replace them and they don’t dry properly, they warp, rot, smell, produce mold, and even cause serious health issues within your home.

Auto Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, insurance companies will only cover vehicles that have comprehensive coverage for flooding. That being said, it’s best to have full coverage.

Many companies will also differentiate between old and new damage. It’s helpful for you to complete an inventory of your vehicle’s condition. It’s also beneficial to back this up with photos or videos, so create a careful record of your car inside and out.

Next, scan copies of your car insurance documentation, car registration, and driver’s license. Also, put certified copies in a safe place. Keep the originals in a watertight plastic bag in case your car floods. It’s also essential to keep your insurer’s claim number on hand in case of an emergency.

Finally, do your best to secure your car during the worst of the storm. Where possible, park it in a garage or under sturdy protection. This gives it the best chance of surviving unscathed and proves to the insurer that you took the best possible precautions.

Get the Coverage You Need with Lee Insurance Agency

To ensure that you are fully prepared for the next hurricane season in Humble, TX, contact Lee Insurance Agency. Our professional team will discuss what to do should you need to file an insurance claim and how to achieve the maximum benefit.

We also have a wide range of coverage options for home, auto, flood, and life insurance, so contact us via our website or call us at 281-812-8400.

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