Does Auto Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Does Auto Insurance Cover Water and Flood Damage?

Hurricane storm surges and heavy rains cause flooding all throughout the United States, including here in Texas. Although your home may take priority in a flood situation, flood waters also wreak havoc on vehicles, and it’s essential to have the right policy to cover the damage.

Not all auto insurance coverage offers flood protection, but you can ensure that your vehicle is covered with a comprehensive auto/car insurance policy.

Types of Auto Insurance Explained

An auto insurance company may offer several types of car insurance, including the following:

  • Liability coverage helps pay personal injury and property damage costs in the event the policyholder causes an accident.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage helps cover the costs of an accident if the other driver does not have auto insurance.
  • Collision coverage covers the cost of vehicle repair following an accident.
  • Medical payment coverage covers medical costs for injured drivers, including hospital stays, medical tests, and surgeries.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) helps pay for medical expenses and may also help cover related costs, such as lost income and the cost of childcare.
  • Comprehensive coverage helps cover the policyholder’s vehicle from a wide range of damages, including vandalism, theft, hail, and water and flood damage.

Choosing your ideal coverage will depend on your unique circumstances, which you will want to discuss with an experienced auto insurance agency to ensure you have the best coverage in place.

What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover, and Are There Restrictions for When You Can Add It?

Comprehensive auto insurance covers a wide range of situations, from vehicle theft to animal collisions. A comprehensive policy provides coverage whether you need roadside assistance for a flat tire or help covering replacement costs after a falling tree crushes your car. Some policies even cover the costs of a rental car while you repair or replace a damaged vehicle.

Many comprehensive auto insurance policies offer flooded car/flooded vehicle coverage; however, there usually are circumstantial restrictions. Auto insurance companies tend to put binding restrictions in place when severe weather threatens a specific area to curb the influx of claims. Policyholders in that region may not be able to add water/ flood damage coverage right before a storm due to these restrictions.

To ensure that your car is protected from water and flood damage, you should add comprehensive auto insurance to your policy ahead of time. Comprehensive policies may cost more than other options, but they can make all the difference in the event of a flash flood or hurricane.

How To File an Auto Insurance Claim After a Flood

Filing an insurance claim as quickly as possible is essential if your vehicle suffers flood damage. Flash floods impact many auto insurance policyholders at once, resulting in slower claims processes because insurance companies in that region have more claims than they do adjusters to handle them.

Filing a claim requires calling your insurance company’s claim center. Some companies also allow policyholders to file claims using online portals. An insurance adjuster will handle your claim by determining the cost of repairs, deeming the car repairable or a “total loss,” and sending you a check to repair or replace your vehicle.

Keep the following tips in mind while waiting for your insurance payment to avoid causing further damage to your car:

  • If possible and safe, tow the vehicle away from the remaining floodwaters.
  • Avoid starting your vehicle, which may worsen engine damage.
  • Check your oil for elevated levels or water droplets on the dipstick, which may indicate water in the engine.

Insurance agents often determine that flooded cars are a total losses or “totaled.” In Texas, a vehicle is deemed a total loss if the estimated repair costs exceed the car’s total value.

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