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The best watercraft and boat insurance policy for your needs

Watercraft & Boat Insurance Humble, TX

If you own a boat, jet skis, or a personal watercraft, protect yourself and your assets with a suitable insurance policy. At Lee Insurance Agency, we help clients in Humble, TX, find their ideal watercraft and boat insurance policies from top companies in the industry, ensuring that they have the best coverage.

Watercraft and boat insurance is important because it provides financial protection and peace of mind for boat owners against damages, accidents, and liability risks associated with boating activities.

Our experienced insurance agents recommend custom coverage options, matching each client with the best insurance policy for their needs.

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What Watercraft and Boat Insurance Policies Cover

Watercraft and boat insurance typically offers primary and optional coverages. Your policy may include the following:

  • Property coverage helps with the costs of repairing physical damage to your boat if it becomes damaged in an accident or even while docked. This includes colliding with a boat, dock, or submerged object.
  • Medical payment coverage helps with medical payments and funeral costs if you or a passenger of yours suffers an injury in an accident.
  • Liability coverage helps cover the costs you may owe others involved in an at-fault accident, such as repair expenses, medical bills, lost income, and funeral costs.
  • Total loss coverage helps cover the cost of replacing your watercraft. An “agree value” policy uses the craft’s value at the time it’s written, while an “actual cash value” policy uses the depreciated value.

Like other insurance, these policies typically include coverage limits and deductibles.

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance provides insurance coverage for vessels shorter than 27 feet. The National Boat Owners Association considers boats longer than that to be yachts, which gain coverage through yacht insurance policies.

Although most states, including Texas, don’t require boat owners to have boat insurance coverage, investing in boat insurance can protect you in many different situations. For example, a boat insurance policy may cover you in the event of:

  • Damage to your vessel.
  • Damage to another person’s property.
  • An injured passenger.
  • Boat or accessory theft.
  • An emergency tow.
  • A total loss.

You may be able to cover your boat through a rider on your homeowners insurance policy, or you may need an additional policy from another insurance provider. The type of coverage you need for your boat largely depends on the boat’s age, value, length, condition, speed, and horsepower.

Where you operate the boat will also play a role in determining the best coverage for you. For example, many homeowners insurance policies only offer riders that cover boats operated on inland waterways and coastal inlets. If you operate your boat outside of inlets, lakes, and rivers, you will likely find better coverage outside of your home policy.

Watercraft Insurance

Personal watercraft insurance policies cover smaller watercrafts, such as WaveRunners, jet skis, and Sea-Doos. The average homeowners insurance policy won’t cover this type of watercraft, and those that do often include low coverage limits. However, you can find personal watercraft insurance as a separate policy to keep you and your assets protected.

A personal watercraft insurance policy will protect your craft from the same situations as boat coverage, including property damage, theft, passenger injuries, emergency towing, and other circumstances. You may also opt for water sports liability coverage to cover legal costs in the event that an accident leads to a lawsuit.

Geographical limitations also apply to personal watercraft policies in the same way they apply to boat insurance. Your insurance policy for your jet ski or other personal watercraft may not cover you if you operate the craft outside of inland areas or too far off the coast. Our agents always encourage clients to read watercraft insurance policies carefully to understand where they can and cannot use the craft to maintain coverage.

You may wonder if you need watercraft insurance for a craft that’s not worth very much, but coverage is always beneficial in the event of an accident on the water.

Get the Boat & Watercraft Insurance Coverage You Need With Lee Insurance Agency

Our insurance agency has been helping consumers in Humble, TX, find their ideal insurance policies since 1952.

We can help you find the best watercraft and boat insurance policy for your needs. Call Lee Insurance Agency today at 281-812-8400 for a free watercraft or boat insurance quote.