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Comprehensive and affordable protection for your condo.

Condo Insurance Humble, TX

As a condo owner, you benefit from structural coverage provided by the condo association’s master insurance policy. Still, you may need separate condo insurance to keep everything inside your home protected.

Association policies typically cover common areas and the building itself but not you or your belongings. Prepared condo owners invest in the proper insurance policies to help cover the costs of unexpected events like break-ins, water damage, and visitor injuries.

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What Is Condo Insurance?

Condominium insurance covers the unit’s interior, which most association policies don’t.

With a condo insurance policy, you can protect yourself and your personal property from many types of unforeseeable damages, including:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Condo and homeowners insurance both help cover repair and replacement costs as well as temporary living costs in the event the home becomes uninhabitable.

Condo policies differ because they don’t cover exterior structures, garages, or liability costs from injuries sustained in building hallways, elevators, or other common areas. Condo association insurance policies usually provide this necessary coverage.

Condo Insurance

What are the Insurance Coverages a Contractor Needs?

Condo owners have many coverage options when choosing a condo insurance policy. Standard coverages offered through condo insurance include the following:

Personal Property Coverage

Helps cover the costs of replacing damaged or stolen belongings. These policies typically only cover electronics, furniture, clothing, tools, and other possessions if stolen or damaged by a covered event, such as a fire. Some policies require riders to cover certain belongings, such as expensive jewelry or art.

Building Property Coverage

Helps with repair and replacement costs for items often not considered personal property, such as home appliances and kitchen cabinetry. Whether or not you need this coverage will depend on your policy’s definition of personal property.

Liability Coverage

Helps cover the costs of damages or injuries that occur inside your condo. For example, liability insurance coverage may help you cover medical bills if someone gets injured in your unit.

Loss of Use Coverage

Helps with temporary housing costs if a covered event causes the unit to become uninhabitable. For example, if you must stay at a hotel during repairs after significant fire damage, loss of use coverage can help.

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Why Do I Need Condo Insurance Coverage?

Condo owners typically aren’t required to have condo insurance coverage unless they’re financing the unit, or their landlord requires insurance for renters. But investing in a condo insurance policy is essential for the coverages not offered by the association’s master policy.

No one knows when a theft, injury, or property damage may occur. Whether a fire spreads from an adjacent unit, an appliance starts spewing water, a visitor slips in your bathroom, or a burglar steals valuable belongings, you need a suitable insurance policy to help cover the costs.

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