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Tailored packages for your needs, risks, and budget

Homeowners Insurance Humble, TX

Did you know that one of the most reliable ways to protect a home and its contents is affordable homeowners insurance?

Humble, TX communities benefit widely from this form of property insurance, which protects prized possessions against damages or theft. It also helps families rebuild a life after the worst-case scenario, a total loss of residence by fire, or other potential disasters.

A typical homeowners policy compensates the policyholder for the destruction or damage to the interior or exterior of the home. The details might include complexities, like the theft of possessions and coverage for extra living expenses. So, a reliable team like Lee Insurance Agency is invaluable in seeking the most comprehensive policy to keep you protected.

Our home insurance specialists tailor packages from top-rated insurance companies for your needs, risks, and budget.

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The Importance of Home Insurance

Why opt for home insurance?

In Humble, TX, we cite these major reasons to consider homeowners insurance for your property:

Homeowners insurance is not a state requirement, but lenders do require proof of insurance to cover:

  • fire damage
  • vandalism
  • natural disasters

Lenders may also purchase a policy in your name but include the cost in the monthly payments. If the lender has not made an effort to find the best deal, the inflated premiums could become something you sorely regret.

If a fire or weather damages your home, the homeowners insurance policy should cover any repair or replacement costs. Before committing to a home insurance policy, a critical consideration is whether it offers adequate coverage to replace the home and its contents at current market rates. For example, comprehensive dwelling protection will likely cover the main house and buildings, along with damage to electrical wiring, plumbing, heating systems, and permanent air conditioning units.

Homeowners insurance can offer a buffer against lawsuits due to injuries on the property. For example, if a neighbor’s child gains access to the pool and sustains an injury. The homeowner could be legally liable, but liability insurance may cover:

  • Legal fees
  • Medical bills
  • Lost income

A homeowners insurance policy protects the equity you have invested into the home (the value of a property over and above the mortgage or other liabilities).

Homeowners Insurance

Types of Homeowners Insurance and What They Cover

Condo owners have many coverage options when choosing a condo insurance policy. Standard coverages offered through condo insurance include the following:

HO-1 is the most basic and limited policy designed for single-family homes. It covers a home and personal possessions at the actual cash value, offering protection against fire, windstorms, explosions, riots, vehicles, and aircraft. HO-1 also protects against smoke damage, theft, vandalism, and falling objects.


HO-2 offers better protection than HO-1 and is more popular. Besides covering a home at its replacement cost, it includes personal property at cash value, and protection against the weight of snow, ice, or sleet, accidental water discharge or overflow, freezing, and volcanic eruption. It also covers accidental damage from an artificially generated electrical current and built-in home appliances.


HO-3 is the most common type of home insurance policy. It offers broader coverage than HO-2.


HO-4 is perfect for a rented home or apartment, as it covers personal belongings inside the rental home and anywhere globally. It also protects policyholders from legal liability and covers additional living expenses if tenants need temporary accommodation elsewhere.


HO-5 is the most comprehensive policy type. It is also the second-most popular option for single-family homes.


HO-6 applies when you need to buy home insurance for a condominium.


HO-7 typically applies to a manufactured or mobile home.


HO-8 is a unique form of homeowners insurance. In Humble, TX, this might apply to older homes that do not qualify for other policy types.

The team at Lee Insurance Agency is happy to talk you through choosing the best option.

How We Customize Home Insurance Plans to Meet Your Needs

At Lee Insurance Agency, we offer several homeowners policy choices in Humble, Texas, including:

Property Coverage

Pays for repairs to the home or other damaged buildings on the property.

Personal Property

Pays for lost or damaged valuables in a home, including personal belongings.

Liability Coverage

Protects homeowners against liability for injuries on the property.

Medical Expense

Covers medical bills for third-party injuries on the property.

Living Expenses

Offers temporary housing if residents suffer a complete property loss, as well as meals and laundry.

If you need additional coverage on top of a basic homeowners insurance policy, our agents can advise you on the best options available. Our process usually starts with our agents evaluating your risk profile and advising you on whether additional coverage in your Humble home insurance plan may be beneficial. Policies may include:

Our team of experienced home insurance specialists creates personalized insurance packages for each of our customers, depending on their needs and budget. Humble’s property owners trust us to find the best rates from a vast pool of top-rated insurance companies.

Get Home Insurance You Can Depend on with Lee Insurance Agency

When property owners suffer damage or loss, Lee Insurance Agency provides dependable support and guidance on how to proceed. We take you through the claims process and help you recover after losses or property damage as quickly as possible. If you are in Humble, TX, or the surrounding communities, explore our service offerings and how they may benefit you. We find homeowners insurance policies that fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Contact us today at 281-812-8400 to learn more about homeowners insurance in Humble, TX.