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Even the most careful businesses can make mistakes and face legal obligations.

Professional Liability Insurance Humble, TX

Texas business owners often face unique challenges, making it critical to have the right insurance protection. A negligence claim can significantly impact your company’s chances of success and be catastrophic if it involves monetary damages. With professional liability insurance, also known as “errors and omissions insurance,” you can continue to work hard with peace of mind that you are protected.

Searching for the best professional liability policies in Humble, TX, can quickly become stressful. You have so many insurance companies to choose from and numerous coverage options.

At Lee Insurance Agency, we simplify the process and help you find the best insurance plan for your unique needs.

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What Is Professional Liability Insurance and Why Is It Important?

Professional liability insurance (also known as PLI) is essential for any business in the Humble, TX, area. It helps you cover claims and potential lawsuits resulting from errors or omissions—actual or alleged. Even the most careful businesses can make mistakes and face legal obligations.

Start-up businesses and entrepreneurs are often the victims of injury claims. If your professional services do not go as planned, a client could file a claim and leave you paying for court fees and compensation. A professional liability insurance policy can save your reputation and bank account during these unexpected events.

You might think that PLI is only for multi-million-dollar companies and world-famous businesses. However, businesses of any size in Humble, TX, can benefit from having this type of insurance.

PLI can help small businesses in many ways, including:

Lawsuits are not only costly, but they also could leave you bankrupt. A PLI policy can protect your finances and ensure you never pay for damages out of pocket.

Knowing that a single slip-up could land you in court is a scary thought. However, a PLI coverage plan can give you the peace of mind to continue working without worrying about what could go wrong.

Professional Liability Insurance options in Humble, TX

Examples of Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Errors and omissions insurance can protect your Humble, TX, business against many serious claims. These may include failing to provide a client with the proper paperwork, providing faulty advice or legal counsel, or even allowing errors in a contract to go unaddressed.

Such policies also cover the cost of defending yourself in court and paying any awards or settlements if liable.

Here are some examples:


Negligence claims can cost businesses quite a bit of time and money. With professional liability insurance, your business is covered through your insurance providing the monetary compensation owed to the accuser.


When a business is hired to provide a specific expertise they claim to offer, a certain level of care and decorum are expected. Occasionally when this does not happen, the client may file a claim against the business for misrepresentation. Professional liability insurance can help cover these types of damages.

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims, like libel or slander, are serious accusations for a business to face; unfortunately, it happens more often than you may think. Personal injury claims against your business are another great example of how professional liability insurance can have your back when you need it most.

Doing business of any kind often involves some type of deadline or timeframe expectancy for promised goods or services to be delivered upon. When deadlines aren’t met, and clients decide to sue the business for damages caused, professional liability insurance can take a lot of financial weight off of the business at fault through reliable coverage.

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If you own a business in Humble, TX, you need professional liability insurance to help protect your interests. At Lee Insurance Agency, we can create a custom PLI policy to meet your needs and budget.

We are a Trusted Choice® Agency, meaning that we follow the accredited Pledge of Performance promises for the highest quality customer service in the insurance industry. We offer a range of insurance options, plain-language policies, and experienced local coverage from a team that is always in your corner.

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