General Liability Insurance Humble, TX

If you own or manage a business, it’s important to acknowledge that disaster can strike at any moment and be prepared for it. 

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries may occur on your commercial property and leave you with unexpected legal obligations and sudden expenses. Don’t get blindsided—get general liability insurance and keep your Humble, TX, business protected.

General Liability Insurance Humble, TX

Many different insurance companies offer various general liability policies, but determining which is the best plan for you can get overwhelming. 

At the Lee Insurance Agency, we can help you find the general liability insurance policy that matches your needs and budget. Contact our expert insurance agents now at 281-812-8400.

What Is General Liability Insurance, and Do I Need It?

General liability insurance is essential for any Texas-based business. It protects your company from lawsuits and claims that may result from property damage or personal injuries that occur in relation to your business. If a customer slips on a wet floor or equipment malfunctions and injures an employee, your insurance can help cover compensation.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often the target of serious lawsuits. Without the right coverage policy, you could face hefty legal fees and even go bankrupt if the case succeeds in court. General liability insurance from a highly respected mutual insurance company can save you a lot of money and headaches.

You might think, “Liability insurance is only for big-name companies. Do I really need it for my small business in Humble, TX?” The answer is yes—you need a basic coverage plan, no matter what size business you own.

A general liability policy can help you in the following ways:

  • Having peace of mind: You can rest easy and work efficiently, knowing you’ll stay protected throughout the workweek.
  • Avoiding out-of-pocket expenses: If you don’t have insurance and someone files a claim, you could end up paying for damages out of pocket. 
  • Maintaining a good reputation: Having a certificate of insurance shows that you care about your customers and employees.

What Are the Insurance Policy Coverages?

General liability insurance can protect you from costly claims that result from accidents during regular business hours. Without adequate coverage, you’ll have to fork over company resources or personal funds. Few businesses can afford that.

At Lee Insurance Agency, we can help you find the right coverage policy for your business in Humble, TX. 

General liability policies typically cover the following:

  • Bodily Injuries: Accidents can happen anytime, causing physical injuries to your customers or employees. You can depend on your insurance policy to help cover their medical bills, lost wages, and even assistive mobility equipment.
  • Property Damages: You could face severe legal accusations if you damage a client’s property during regular business operations. Your insurance policy can help cover the costs of repairing or replacing damaged building materials, landscaping, irrigation systems, etc. 
  • Advertising Injuries: Using someone else’s copyrighted material for advertising could lead to a messy legal battle. With the right insurance plan, you can get coverage for copyright infringement and advertising injuries.

General liability insurance policies come with a wide variety of coverage options. However, they don’t cover every type of accident or injury claim your company may face. 

You’ll need additional policies if you want complete protection, such as:

  • Professional liability insurance to help cover your errors related to your company’s services
  • Workers’ compensation insurance to help cover current and future medical bills due to work-related illnesses or injuries
  • Commercial property insurance to help cover damage to your own commercial property

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General liability coverage is a must-have for any business in Texas. It helps everyone work safely and efficiently, and you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs from legal claims.

Are you searching for general liability insurance for businesses in the Humble, TX, area? At Lee Insurance Agency, we can help you find the best policy by evaluating your business, comparing insurance quotes, and customizing a plan to fit your unique needs. 

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